These are 3 key areas which are commonly found in older homes and can be expensive to remediate.

Asbestos can often be found in homes typically built before 1990. Asbestos fibres pose health issues if inhaled however if left undisturbed or encapsulated the danger can be minimal. We suggest hiring a qualified hazardous materials handler to test and, if needed, provide estimate of remediation costs.

Underground oil storage tanks can be found in homes built prior to 1970 and are more prevalent in specific areas within the region. Today’s regulations require the tanks are removed from the ground. Insurance companies will not provide new coverage if the presence of a tank is confirmed. We suggest hiring a buried tank scanning specialist to determine if an underground oil storage tank exists on the property as contamination may be expensive to remediate.

Knob and tube wiring is difficult to insure for new policies and upgrading may be required. We can recommend electrical inspectors to examine the percentage of live knob and tube in the property and provide an estimate of upgrading.