Buying a Home

A New Home

Our primary objective is to smoothly guide you through what can often be a turbulent and hectic process. By having practiced in the local market since 1991 and assisting hundreds of clients like you, our experience will bring you valuable advice, making your home purchase an easy and enjoyable transaction.

Starting the Process

Get Pre-Approved

It’s important to launch your house hunt having already obtained pre-approval for a mortgage. This marks you as a serious buyer, and lets you jump on a property you are interested in without losing time applying after the fact. Mortgage pre-approval also helps narrow your search as you have your price range established.

Prioritize your search

Sit down with your partner to hammer out priorities so you’re on the same page when it comes to your house hunt. Then, once you see a strong candidate, be ready to act fast.

Consider looking into other areas

Many homebuyers are trading big cities for smaller villages that are in the early waves of urban renewal. These emerging markets offer great deals, particularly on detached houses. Often these locations offer extensive public transit, a thriving cultural and retail scene, and easy access to the larger urban hub (which can be handy if you still work there).

Be open to creative ideas

Buyers often purchase something completely different than what they set out to find. Sometimes, it is more about “feel” than it is specifics like location, space and features. You’ll find we may recommend something totally different just based on what we’ve learned from your tastes in style and configuration.

Ready to Buy?

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